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Movies That Feature Motorcycles

Many people who have motorcycles or have had the idea of getting a motorcycle have gotten it from watching a movie that is either about or has a motorcycle in it. These movies have gone down in film history with some of the wildest motorcycle stunts, and some of the coolest bikes out there. Here are some movies that have a leading role for a motorcycle or two. However, some of these may be a spoiler if you've never seen the movies.

'Easy Rider' was released in 1969 starring Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda, and Jack Nicholson and is about a guy who rides cross country to try and find America. The two bikers who live a Hippie's lifestyle, Wyatt (Fonda) and Billy, Hopper, start their journey in Las Angeles headed to New Orleans, and eventually find themselves in jail and are helped out by George Hanson (Nicholson). They both make it to their destination in New Orleans but sadly don't make it anywhere else. This movie should be seen by any and all motorcyclists.

A more recent movie 'Wild Hogs' that was released in 2007 is all about being on your bike and enjoying the open road, so long as you don't meet a biker gang along the way. Four middle aged men, Doug (Tim Allen), Woody (John Travolta), Bobby (Martin Lawrence), and Dudley (William H. Macy) decide to leave their suburban lives for a while and traveling in their biker group called "Wild Hogs". Each of the men have different bikes to fit their personalities, but it seems that Dudley is still learning and while being extremely gullible, agrees to exchange his bike for Jack's (Ray Liotta) piece of junk bike. Jack is a rough and tough biker who is the head of the Del Fuego gang who winds up having a personal vendetta against the Wild Hogs after Woody accidentally blows up their biker bar. The movie ends after a brawl between the Del Fuegos and Wild Hogs, but results in everyone being able to cruise the country side in peace.

Of course, 'The Wild One' from 1953 with Marlon Brando has to make an appearance on our list. Johnny Strabler (Brando) is the head of The Black Rebels Motorcycle Club who decide to go to Carbonville, California for a motorcycle race, but eventually find themselves in Wrightsville after being ordered to leave Carbonville. The gang ends up causing problems in the town but the local residents don't want to put up with the gang. A rival gang, The Beetles, eventually rolls into town causing even more problems. Strabler is later accused of killing the town's elderly and assaulting Kathie, a girl who has a crush on him and wants to leave with him. The sheriff allows for Johnny to leave after Kathie vouches for him and Johnny leaves after awkwardly saying goodbye to Kathie.

'Beyond the Law' is another great movie about a biker gang lead by an undercover cop, Dan Saxon (Charlie Sheen). Saxon is told to infiltrate a biker gang so that Conroy Price (Courtney B. Vance), Arizona's State Attorney General can get evidence that the gang is guilty of drug and arm trafficking. Saxon develops an alter ego, Sid, to help him become the leader of the gang. However, the lines between Saxon and Sid begin to blur and he becomes more engulfed in the wild life of the gang.

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