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Hero Bike Prices in India

Hero Honda is the largest two wheeler company. This is now Hero MotoCorp having a new logo and has unleashed Impulse and Maestro. Hero Honda has created a reputation that no other brand can come near. Hero Impulse is a combo, an on-road and off-road bike and the Hero Maestro is a unisex scooter. Hero MotoCorp song was sung by A.R Rahman and great reigning stars Shah Rukh Khan anchored it, while Irfan Pathan unleashed maestro, Ranbir Kapoor unveiled Impulse.

Hero Impulse

Hero MotoCorp launched Impulse in India and the dispatch already has begun and the metros and Tier-I city showrooms will make it available at the earliest. Impulse features are attractive namely its solid knuckle guards, durable sporty fenders, sporty high mount muffler, motocross seat and straight pull spokes. This bike also features digital combi-meter, clock, service due indicator and display fuel gauge. Impulse comes in 5 shades, Deep Blue Sea, Tar Black, Grassland Green, Terra Rossa and Canyon Orange. This generates maximum power offering 13bhp power and 13.4nm torque. On-road price in Mumbai is Rs.78, 000 and New Delhi ex-showroom price is Rs.66800

Hero Ignitor

Ignitor is powered with 125cc engine generating power of 11bhp. It features analogue digital instrument cluster looking neat and stylish. The bike is available in Kick Start and Self Start options featuring drum brakes and front disc brake. Hero Ignitor, base model is priced Rs.55000 and the top variant is for Rs.61, 000.

Hero Passion xPro Disc

Passion xPro is powered with a 110 cc engine and generates top power of 08.7 Bhp. It features digital instrument and looks stylish. It is available in six shades and is expected to come featuring drum brakes and self start and one featuring electric start with front disc brake. It is expected to come at Rs.45000 as the base variant.

Hero Maestro

Hero Maestro is a 109cc scooter generating 8bhp maximum power and torque of 9nm. It is expected to come in six shades, Pearl Fadeless White, Panther Black Met, Pearl Harvest Green, Force Silver met and Maestro Blue Met. It features V-Matic advanced microprocessor ignition and flawless performance. Its expected price is Rs.45000.

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Two New Honda Aviator in The Market

'Honda' a name which holds the power of creating a sensation in all of us (no matter what age we are). If we look at few of the records of the same we will find that this company has been ranked as one of the largest two wheeler or automobile manufacturing company in the country and the world as well. Being very specific this company named as 'Honda motor company limited' is an japan based multinational company, whose one branch is also in working condition in India as well (its head quarters in India is located in Gurgaon Harayana).

When this company came into the country with a prospectus of working in it (in the year 1999 in the month 0f august) its main objective was scooter, but with the gradually change in the demand of the youngsters this company came with a brand new list of products for them for example Honda aviator, Honda Dio, unicorn and shine.

looking at the past performance record of the company one thing can be said for sure that is, this company actually knows what the consumer is looking for, and that's the very reason that the demand of its products and its rate of profits are always increasing. But today we are not here to talk about 'how much this company is earning' rather we are here so that we can talk about two new products from the company which are known as 'Honda Aviator Disc Brake' and 'Honda Aviator Drum Brake'.

There is no doubt to the fact that the stander of people's lifestyle is upgrading day by day, and with that particular life style they are looking for more of those product which can express them in a better manner. And that's the very point which is available in various hero Honda bikes and Scottie's.

If we go more into the details we will find that, this new Honda aviator comes with some of the best features in it like 12 alloy wheels, an international design, telescopic front suspension, disc breaks, large under seat box, proven 102cc Honda engine, strong metal body ,powerful halogen headlamp and much more. In short we can say that this product is providing some of the pretty nice reason to purchase it

moving on to the next new product from the company which is names as 'Honda Aviator Drum Brake'.

A 102cc engine that produces power of 7bhp at 7000rpm and torque of 0.8 Kgm at 5500rpm and a attractive body design are two of the reasons for a person to by this Scotty from the company.

All in all we can say that this is one of those company which has been providing us some of the best products in the field of automobiles.

And now if you looking for some more information on Honda aviator price in India you can definitely take help of various online shopping websites

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Selecting a Motorcycle Fairing For Your Motorcycle

A large number of people get confused when it comes to choosing good quality motorcycle fairings for them. One of the first things you should keep in mind while getting a fairing is the brand of the motorcycle. Having information about the type of motorcycle, the body structure of the bike and the exact type of fairing you want will help you to make right decisions while buying these items for yourself. The more information you have the more chance of getting a good quality fairing for yourself. The next important factor is to know about where you want to place your fairings and for what they will be used for. Once you get the reason why you need them, it will be easier to make a decision about which fairing you want. It's an important process while determining what you need and will help you to narrow down the wide variety of options that is available.

There are basically three types of motorcycle fairings available nowadays in the market. The first one is the full face fairing. This one provides more protection than the other two types. They cover most part of the bike thus saving you from wind, rain and from dangerous debris that may come in your way. The second one is the half fairings which includes covering the windscreen and extends only below the handlebars. The third kind is the quarter fairing. It includes only the windscreen and fairings around the headlight. The windscreen in this type of fairings is most of the time light and scratch resistant. One of the main reasons why fairings are being used on bikes is that because they help in the reduction of fuel consumption given that they improve aerodynamics, therefore boosting the life of the motorcycle's engine. Without fairings, the effects of aerodynamic drag on the performance of the motorcycles are negative and harmful in the long run.

Considering the weight of these items is also important while purchasing them. There are fork mounted fairings available which turns as you turn the handlebars. It allows you to direct the headlights. Then there is frame mounted fairing which is attached to the motorcycle and hence cannot move. Select the one which you think suits your needs and personality. Some bikers want to change the look of their old motorcycles to make them look more stylish and trendy. In such a condition, it is important on your part to know the type of bike you have. It is most important to understand the sort of bike you have, its body composition, its specifics and everything else about the bike. More the knowledge you have, more it will be easier for you to get a suitable fairing for yourself. You can get information about the dealers of these items through the internet and ads on yellow pages. Word of mouth is also a good option. So, get good quality and stylish fairing for yourself and boost the style quotient of your bike.

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Derby Covers For Harley Davidson Come in Many Styles

When you own a Harley Davidson, making your bike stylish is never a problem. Harleys have a charm and style that is built right in; it is what makes them the most recognizable bikes on the road today. Whether you have a classic Harley or one of their newest bikes, however, finding a way to make it unique to you is important. Custom derby covers for Harley Davidson can be a great way to protect your clutch while giving your bike a style that is perfectly attuned to your unique personality. When it comes to custom Harley derby covers,you will find that you have many options to choose from.

What Should Your Bike Say About You?

When it comes to choosing custom derby covers, it helps to take the time to think about what your Harley represents to you. Do you see your bike as a representation of your more hardcore personality traits? If so, a skull or a Maltese cross can be a perfect choice. For ladies who want to show that women can ride just as hard and fast as the guys, black widow or rose derby covers for Harley Davidson fit the bill quite nicely. Police logos are great for those who serve their communities, while flames and dragons are quite popular with riders from many different backgrounds.Custom Derby Covers Make Your Bike Unique.

One of the great things about the wide range of Harley derby covers is that they can really help you make your bike more unique. No matter how many bikes of the same model are on the road in your area, taking the time to select the right covers will make it easy for yours to stand out in any crowd. A unique bike doesn't have to mean spending a fortune in customizations and altering the parts that make your Harley a Harley, and custom derby covers help you tailor your bike to your personality while keeping its innate personality intact.

Choosing Derby Covers for Harley Davidson:

When choosing the right derby covers for Harley Davidson motorcycles, you definitely want to take your bike and your personality into account. You might also want to look into matching air cleaner, points, and inspection covers to really create a theme that runs across the entire machine. There are plenty of styles and selections available for those looking for simple customizations, and taking the time to choose the best fit for your needs can help you enjoy your bike even more.

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Harley Davidson Fat Bob in India With Specifications and Prices

A world famous Bike Brand Harley Davidson has launched its new Harley Davidson Fat Bob in New Delhi India. Harley has launched this model in Dyna family. In India, the sale of this bike will starts from mid of 2013. Fat Bob's twin headlight system and wide wheel tires are gaining more and more popularity. This bike is installed with 6-speed transmissions through which a rider can feel its dynamic power & its strength. Fat Bob has a comfortable seat which feels you relaxed when you are driving Fat Bob. The Dyna family Fat Bob is CKD models which is Completely knocked down models. With the launch of Harley Davidson Fat Bob the total number of Dyna goes to 6.


The latest Harley Davidson Fat Bob has an engine of 1585cc (103cu inches). This engine is more powerful and stronger than any other ordinary motorcycle.

The engine have a bore size of 98.4mm that produces huge power of strong acceleration. For the cooling system of the engine the bike has an air cooled engine with twin cam 103. With compression ratio of 9.6:1 it gives you a better fuel consumption. The fuel injection system of ESPFI i.e. Electronic sequential port fuel injection, it maintains a proper supply of fuel. The exhaust are of chrome Tommy gun 2-1-2 collector with dual mufflers. This engine generates 100ft-lb of maximum power with a total torque of 3,500rpm.


For a best bike, suspension has to be of top class. The Fat Bob has both front & rear suspension of high level class. The front suspension have size of 49mm with polished aluminum fork triple clamp and dual rate springs. This suspension helps to absorbs shocks during sudden braking. The rear suspension is fully covered with coil over shock. These front & rear suspension lets the rider to have a better control on ride.


The Fat Bob has total length of 91.7inches. The height of seat during loading condition is 26.1in & during unloading condition the height of seat is 27.2in. The bike has ground clearance of 4.9in. The size of wheelbase is 63.8in. The front and rear tires are 130/90 b16 67H and 180/70B16 77H respectively. The Fat Bob has a fuel tank capacity of 5galons. The total weight of Fat Bob is 673lbs.



Displacement 1585cc (103cu in.)

Bore size 98.4mm

Stroke size 4.38in.

Compression ratio 9.6:1

Type of Fuel system ESPFI

Cooling system Air cooling twin Cam 103

Maximum torque 3,500 rpm


Front 49mm with polished aluminum fork triple clamp and dual rate springs

Rear Fully covered with coil cover shock


Front Brake 2 piston

Rear Brake 2 piston torque free floating


Length 91.7in.

Height of seat (Loading) 26.1in.

Height of seat (Unloading) 27.2in.

Ground clearance 4.6in.

Size of Wheelbase 63.8in.

Fuel tank capacity 5galons


Front tire D427F 130/90B16 67H

Rear tire D427F180/70B16 77H

Price $15,449 (Rs.12,80,000)

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Where To Look For Reliable Wholesale Motorcycle Parts

Now there are plenty of motorcycles sold at a very cheap rate. This is why more people are able to have one. They can buy latest motorcycles at a very cheap price. Having a motorcycle today is very fashionable especially now that the traffic is very scary and transportation fair is slightly high. But what would you do when a motorcycle part abruptly gets wrecked and severely damaged? It's likely that you need to fix or replace your motorcycle part, but you probably do not know where and how to purchase the cheapest but serviceable and long-lasting motorcycle parts.

Getting motorcycle parts from a wholesale motorcycle parts website is said to be effective, especially when the economy is really miserable. In fact, there are a few bad feedbacks to wholesale motorcycle parts sellers for the awful quality of their they are not at all rubbish, most of their motorcycle parts come from motorcycle parts manufacturers directly.

Another super source you can bank on when you need inexpensive motorcycle parts is salvage yards, which are locations for cheap yet in good condition motorcycle parts. They are able to be seen virtually here and there. You can come across one easily.Engines, carburetors, gas tanks, tyres, chassis, electric battery, no matter what motorcycle parts you want, you can see them in salvage yards.

To find specific motorcycle parts, you can even turn to an online motorcycle parts supplier's shops all kinds of low-priced parts that are working and runs. Although there are numerous places that also supply motorcycle parts. To purchase motorcycle parts at a bargain price, you must identify the brand name and others. It is really important to take into consideration these data as they are needed when making purchases.

With wholesale motorcycle parts provider online,You are sure to find out their prices and make a negotiation about it. You would not have to spend too much time looking here and there because the internet is very easy to access just in your own home. If you don't feel at easy to buy from a salvage yard, you are able to buy direct from second-hand wholesale motorcycle parts sellers. There are dependable wholesale motorcycle parts sellers offer a lower rate than offline motorcycle parts dealers. You can even turn to online auction sites such as eBay.

Online auction sites can be found here and there. They are famous for providing working and much low-cost parts. Even though these online auction websites are usually linked to crooks, you can still find out reliable and reliable wholesale motorcycle parts vendors. You can search forums and reviews, there are usually a great number of actual testimonies of their former buyers who have experienced with their motorcycle parts. These are truly informative places for you to visit.

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Polaris RZR Parts by Pro Armor

Pro Armor is the leader in Polaris RZR skid plates, Polaris RZR Doors, windshields and bumpers, as well as other major parts and accessories. Their Polaris RZR skid plates are the strongest available, constructed of aircraft grade aluminum alloy, with recessed areas for the included hardened bolts, and service holes for ease of maintenance. These skid plates are available for the front, middle, and rear sections as well as for each individual A-arm assembly. Pro armor also manufactures high-quality rock sliders with integrated side skid plates constructed of high strength one and three-quarter inch tubing, and powder coated black for corrosion free service.

The Polaris Baja Pre-runner front bumper for all RZR models features a form-fitting style that follows the existing body lines, and conveniently mounts instantly to the stock location. The addition of accessories is simple with the existing mounting points for a front light or winch. Each Polaris RZR bumper is made from high-strength aluminum powder coated black, great for racing or trail riding. The rear bumper for RZR offers the perfect protection for the rearend, guarding the rear axle, exhaust system, and taillights. For extra protection from the sun and elements, Pro armor offers a new Polaris RZR fabric roof that is UV and water repellent. It can be installed in minutes, and easily removed to stow away under the driver seat or under the glovebox.

While most of us enjoy the fresh air of side-by-side riding, inclement weather in Canada, the Midwest and Northeast sometimes demand added protection. Brand-new for 2012 is Pro Armor's Polaris RZR Full Enclosure. Made of UV protective material that is also water repellent and offers superior protection while keeping occupants warm, this RZR cab enclosure installs in minutes and allows the flexibility of using Pro Armor Doors in the summer. Zippered openings allow for easy open and closure of doors. Windows allow for full 360?? view and work with most major RZR full windshields. The windshields are sold separately.

One of Pro Armor's most recent product releases are an extensive line of Polaris RZR Pro Am Suspension Seats. Available in black with a red, white, orange, or blue piping trim, every seat is proudly made in the USA with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. These suspension seats are great for racing applications or trail riding, and offer excellent containment, cushion and ergonomics. The easy to use release handle is an exclusive in the market, and colored seats are also available. Each Polaris RZR seat mounts to factory seat base and retains adjustability. No drilling necessary and only takes 5 to 10 min. to install. These seats are designed to be used with H or Y style harnesses, and military spec parachute cording is used to suspend each Polaris RZR seat. Each frame is powder coated black for corrosion resistance, and designed using CAD software for superior construction. American made marine vinyl is used in every Polaris RZR seat for long life and durability. For the widest selection of Polaris RZR bumpers, Polaris RZR skid plates, Polaris RZR doors, Polaris RZR Suspension Seats, and a wide variety of other products, visit .

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The Difference Between Motorcycle Helmet Brands

However, it's important to know the difference between all the motorcycle helmets out there. Obviously, you won't be able to go through the differences between all the brands, and nor do you need to know them. But, in order to choose the best brand for your needs, it helps to get an idea of the market.
In this article we're going to look at just a selection of brands and compare some of their differences. Since it's not possible to list all the popular brands in just one article we'll stick to 3. This article can be used as a guide if you're thinking of buying a new motorcycle helmet.

Arai Helmets

If you're looking for a suitable motorcycle helmet for racing then Arai might have the solution. Their speciality is in racing helmets and they offer innovative technology with their product range. When you're racing you need a different type helmet than to road biking.

Arai crash helmets offer high quality protection throughout their entire helmet range. Their innovation also offers great benefits to buyers. They offer the largest fog-free field if vision using their MaxVision technology. Using pinlock lenses riders can also quickly alter the tint of their visors to suit the weather conditions and improve riding enjoyment and safety.

Shoei Helmets

Shoei offer a great range of off-road and road helmets. They're Ideal for racing and touring. With a high quality range of sports touring road helmets they add style, comfort and safety.

Shoei crash helmets offer premium range helmets which mean you may need to pay a little bit more, but you'll get more than your money's worth. Their helmets are also stylish and sleek, making you stand out on the roads and looking good.

Schuberth Helmets

Schuberth has always worked very closely with Ferrari, Porsche and BMW to offer constantly improved high-tech head protection. The manufacturer has worked in the Formula 1 environment for 10 years so they're very experienced when it comes to offering racing-performance protection.

Schuberth helmets include carbon fibre, which offer the greatest amount of head protection whilst also being light-weight. This makes it a perfect solution where comfort is a priority without compromising safety.

So, depending on how you use your motorbike; whether it's for racing, communising, business or even for pleasure, there are many different brands to go for. Once you know which brand and make you want to buy, the next step is finding a good supplier.

Always look out for customer feedback and reliability when buying your motorcycle helmet. It doesn't take much effort to browse around and find a good place to buy that has a good reputation.

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Movies That Feature Motorcycles

Many people who have motorcycles or have had the idea of getting a motorcycle have gotten it from watching a movie that is either about or has a motorcycle in it. These movies have gone down in film history with some of the wildest motorcycle stunts, and some of the coolest bikes out there. Here are some movies that have a leading role for a motorcycle or two. However, some of these may be a spoiler if you've never seen the movies.

'Easy Rider' was released in 1969 starring Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda, and Jack Nicholson and is about a guy who rides cross country to try and find America. The two bikers who live a Hippie's lifestyle, Wyatt (Fonda) and Billy, Hopper, start their journey in Las Angeles headed to New Orleans, and eventually find themselves in jail and are helped out by George Hanson (Nicholson). They both make it to their destination in New Orleans but sadly don't make it anywhere else. This movie should be seen by any and all motorcyclists.

A more recent movie 'Wild Hogs' that was released in 2007 is all about being on your bike and enjoying the open road, so long as you don't meet a biker gang along the way. Four middle aged men, Doug (Tim Allen), Woody (John Travolta), Bobby (Martin Lawrence), and Dudley (William H. Macy) decide to leave their suburban lives for a while and traveling in their biker group called "Wild Hogs". Each of the men have different bikes to fit their personalities, but it seems that Dudley is still learning and while being extremely gullible, agrees to exchange his bike for Jack's (Ray Liotta) piece of junk bike. Jack is a rough and tough biker who is the head of the Del Fuego gang who winds up having a personal vendetta against the Wild Hogs after Woody accidentally blows up their biker bar. The movie ends after a brawl between the Del Fuegos and Wild Hogs, but results in everyone being able to cruise the country side in peace.

Of course, 'The Wild One' from 1953 with Marlon Brando has to make an appearance on our list. Johnny Strabler (Brando) is the head of The Black Rebels Motorcycle Club who decide to go to Carbonville, California for a motorcycle race, but eventually find themselves in Wrightsville after being ordered to leave Carbonville. The gang ends up causing problems in the town but the local residents don't want to put up with the gang. A rival gang, The Beetles, eventually rolls into town causing even more problems. Strabler is later accused of killing the town's elderly and assaulting Kathie, a girl who has a crush on him and wants to leave with him. The sheriff allows for Johnny to leave after Kathie vouches for him and Johnny leaves after awkwardly saying goodbye to Kathie.

'Beyond the Law' is another great movie about a biker gang lead by an undercover cop, Dan Saxon (Charlie Sheen). Saxon is told to infiltrate a biker gang so that Conroy Price (Courtney B. Vance), Arizona's State Attorney General can get evidence that the gang is guilty of drug and arm trafficking. Saxon develops an alter ego, Sid, to help him become the leader of the gang. However, the lines between Saxon and Sid begin to blur and he becomes more engulfed in the wild life of the gang.

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Spine Protectors Are A Must

Crashing a bike is that horrible that all riders really want to avoid. Bikers generally think that if you have to position yourself just before an unseen and undesirable bike crash then either you have to try at most to avoid this disastrous situation or at least minimize its effects by wearing something protective.

Serious injuries also result when motorcyclists stop sliding and roll like a rag doll with their arms and legs sticking out or when they hit something solid, like trees, curbs and other road users. A high slide is another thing that can give biker hard and serious injuries. Mostly bike?s crash happens in a split second that there is actually no time to react or do something about it. Hitting a tree or sliding in dirt is a lot more different than hitting another vehicle on road.

Ride safe, ride defensively and presume that every car around you is driven by someone not paying attention. Or whatever causes accident and injuries this surely is going to cause a lot of trouble to riders and that is the reason why motorcycle safety apparel is a must. Including apparel lists does include spine protectors for sure!

If you really want a safe ride or to minimize the harshest effects of any accidental collision, ask be sure to get protection i.e. spine protectors. Equipments and proper accessories are that matters the most after training for motorcycling.

Because of these factors of unpredictability regarding safe ride; it really is vital to wear your spine protector every time you ride, These spine protectors can also be used on street bikes, motocross, drag racing, and any other motor sports.

Spine protector can save riders from most whiplash injuries. These injuries are caused by the sudden and unexpected movement of the neck or head during a road accident. It affects the soft tissues of the neck and the cervical spine. Commonly whiplash injuries are associated with the bike accidents, caused by a sudden jerk to neck or head. The main reason for this is, because of the soft tissue in the neck and the cervical spine that is affected so easily. A cervical vertebra is connected directly to other soft tissues like ligaments and muscles. When the sudden or unexpected movement is occurred, the muscle and ligaments are affected and it follows the cervical vertebra as they are all connected together.

All of your worries will be taken care of, only if you grab a spine protector for yourself before over indulging our self in adventurous and dangerous riding and biking sports. Because these injuries give neck or back pain; neck stiffness, soreness, and finally it will quickly interfere in all your daily activities. Consequences of injuries to neck may vary from mild pain to severe damage and sometimes even lifelong disability which leads to restricted head movement, damage in cervical spine or forever lasting severe pain.

Protection is better than cure so why not be playing safe and enjoy the adventures yet to come in your life!! Best spine protectors with marked/approved CE protection are available in market with top quality manufacturers.